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Imagine, one proclamation, when you were 7-years-old, completely changing your life,  forever -- that’s what happened to Katie.  It wasn’t until 30 years later did she realize that the mindset it took to achieve that “dream” was exactly her superpower.


Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”

This is especially true when money is involved. According to a Rich Habits study, 71% of self-made millionaires said optimism was critical to their success. 


Katie Jefcoat inspires audiences to live in a space of abundance even when life often feels like a roller coaster. She motivates them to get clear on their mistaken beliefs about money and gives them the pragmatic tools to access their abundance.


Katie is known for her high-energy yet practical delivery where she takes you on a journey of inspiring self-discovery. Her simple system, couples self-discovery practices with science-based techniques to support audiences in releasing their negative money stories. Her audiences leave with the exact next steps to live an abundant life of wealth and well-being.

Imagine one trip to the grocery store changing your entire perspective about money, forever – that’s what happened to Katie. It wasn’t until 30 years later that she realized as women, we tie so much of our self-worth to our net-worth.  As a #1 International Bestselling Author and Speaker, Katie will inspire your audience to discover their money mentality, identify triggers, and start to envision a life full of financial abundance and self-worth.


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