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About Katie

A small town girl from Minnesota living in a big city world. Creating harmony and crushing her goals.

I became obsessed with this concept of HARMONY when I was deep in the feeling of overwhelm.  The anxiety of my own ambition was weighing on me. Literally. I would lay down and close my eyes at night and  my chest felt heavy. More items on the to-do list than the day before. How was I ever going to get off the hamster wheel of my to-dos?  When was I going to start living life for more than the hustle? 


As a recovering lawyer and passion driven entrepreneur, I knew something had to change.  What I found is that you can have harmony, be intentionally productive and create massive impact, all at the same time - without feeling guilty.   


How can I get off the hamster wheel and how can I show others to do the same?  I knew I had a system for me personally, but I’d never put it into defining words.  


On August 15, 2019.  I was sitting at my dining room table with my friend Jenna (my business bestie). Post-It’s covering the table.  This is where we first defined the concept of Intentional Margins. 


Over the next few months, the words started to come together.  And I landed on:

INTENTIONAL MARGINS™ (n):  A buffer of space and time to create harmony between your to-do’s and your priorities.


Regardless of the industry, I blend inspiration with a pragmatic approach to finding Harmony. I encourage people to throw “balance” out the window for a more achievable approach called harmony. Through Intentional Margins™, you are encouraged to develop what harmony means to you, by identifying your priorities at work and at home. Leaving feeling equipped to jump off the hamster wheel of overwhelm and go out there and crush your day.

Every weekday I hang out with my warm cup of coffee in our cozy virtual coffee shop Facebook group.  This is where we explore a range of topics from our members, from my smorgasbord of curated topics, and special masterclasses from experts.  


Topics are wide-ranging, but tend to flow in the direction of Intentional Margins™, setting boundaries, managing your calendar, mindset, self-care, health, ambition, harmony, balance, overwhelm, to-do lists, productivity, goal-setting, habits, community.  


What we’ve found is that this is a practice and having a safe and supportive community enhances your personal results. You can’t do it alone.  And you shouldn’t have to. 


Our members, who are affectionately referred to as Margin Makers are thought leaders, CEOs, film producers, actors, writers, publishers, stay-at-home moms, side-hustle leaders, realtors, health professionals, marketing executives, and more.  


The one thing we all have in common, is that we are all, at different times, 2 steps away from the cliff of overwhelm. The community gives us the tools and support to recognize and take two steps back.

Coziest Virtual Coffee Shop (on Facebook) 

Coffee With Katie

I am fortunate to enjoy an engaging community through my email series, Coffee with Katie. 

It's like sitting down on my sofa with a warm sip of coffee. When you respond, it comes straight to my inbox and I read every single email.  


Because we’ve organically grown this community (through shares - thank you!), our email subscribers get a behind the scenes peek at what’s really going on, and what’s coming next. Oftentimes you have a vote in what you want to see more of. But, shhh…. That’s our secret ;) .   

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