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Because - who has time to talk about the weather.  

Creating Intentional Margins™ in our Community

You don’t need to live on the hamster wheel of your to-dos.  Experience the harmony you crave. 

INTENTIONAL MARGINS™ (n):  A buffer of space and time to create harmony between your to-do’s and your priorities.

You’re probably noticing that cramming your schedule so tight is making you crazy.


You’re running… FAST, fussing at the kids about being late, heaven forbid you have to go to the post office, and by the time you’ve plunked your butt in the seat to work, you’re frazzled.


It feels like your to-do list never ends and everything is out of balance. You’re ticking one thing off and filling that space with another to do.


It’s time to stop fearing your lists and over-packed calendar. I’ll show you how to move from hectic to harmonious, one step at a time. 


Do you ever feel like you need a moment to catch your breath? THAT pause and breath is glorious. You’ve probably never realized…. THAT’S an intentional margin! You CAN have more of those moments in your day.


Intentional Margins™ Quiz

Is your day peaceful AND productive? Find out if you have enough intentional margins in your day.