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Creating Intentional Margins™

You’re probably noticing that cramming your schedule so tight is making you crazy.


You’re running… FAST, fussing at the kids about being late, heaven forbid you have to go to the post office, and by the time you’ve plunked your butt in the seat to work, you’re frazzled.


It feels like your to-do list never ends and everything is out of balance. You’re ticking one thing off and filling that space with another to do.


It’s time to stop fearing your lists and over-packed calendar. I’ll show you how to move from hectic to harmonious, one step at a time. 


Do you ever feel like you need a moment to catch your breath? THAT pause and breath is glorious. You’ve probably never realized…. THAT’S an intentional margin! You CAN have more of those moments in your day.

Learn how to create those moments in our community. What and whom you’ll find in the community:

  • Go-getters and change makers who are applying intentional margins in their day.​

  • Strategies from experts and myself who practice the art of intentional margins on the daily.​

  • A community of support creating a movement around intentional margins to re-group, re-check priorities and boundaries, and a space to dream.

​No hole-pokers allowed! This is the place where we cheer you on every step of the way.


INTENTIONAL MARGINS™ (n):  A buffer of space and

time to create harmony between your to-do’s

and your priorities.

This practice gives you the choice to get off the hamster wheel and get into the driver’s seat of your life.

Community Values

Idea Sharing

Engagement is key.  You're awesome, share your knowledge.

No Spamming

Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed. Zero tolerance.


Achieve your goals with clarity and purpose.


Our members pride themselves on creating this safe community to ask questions, grow and feel empowered.

Why Join?

Do you ever dream about sipping a warm cup of coffee in peace, taking 30 minutes to read a book, or taking a slow drive to the office to finish the podcast you’re loving?  

Maybe you’ll go to that yoga class with the instructor you love on Sundays. You’ll take that spontaneous weekend trip, or even bust the kids out of school early to get ice cream.


These are the meaty memorable parts of the day and I want you to have more of them!

You may think you’re going backwards by intentionally slowing down or allowing more time for a project or appointment, but randomness is the enemy. It’s a reality that things “pop up” if we don’t have a plan.

You may think this could never work for you, but the good news is:


Intentional margins are a practice, and the more we practice, the better we get!

As a mom, wife, and business owner some of my margins are:​

  • Creating a three-minute margin to set an intention for how I show up for my kids before I pick them up from the school bus. (Mama needs to be in the right headspace!)​

  • Allowing extra time for technology when I’m working with clients or on my own projects (It almost never works the way you think it will!)​

  • Blocking time for catch up each week (As people and things can be variable.)​

  • Making my morning routine non-negotiable (It’s hard to pour from an empty cup.)​

  • Blocking out and protecting “white space” on my calendar. (So I can say YES to fun or a hobby!)​

  • Committing to only three big priorities in a day (and doing them first.)​

  • Allowing extra time each hour to breathe (A lot can happen in a few minutes each day!)​

  • Scheduling an extra day before and after a trip. (Sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation or time to re-group!)​

  • Unsubscribing from people and things that don’t bring joy (Don’t waste your time or energy in comparison or clutter!)​

  • Setting a timer to scroll the feed or watch Netflix. (I used to get sucked into the scroll-hole, and if I’m honest, it’s still super easy for me to binge watch TV!)

Your monthly subscription of $10 includes...





and on day 1 you get access to...


Curated Ted Talk Library 



100 days of rejection

mindset and resiliency

pouring happiness

the universe has your back

stop screwing yourself over 

and more ...


Expert Masterclasses 


breathing for calm

30 second visualization

the dark side of ambition

Feng Shui you space

setting goals based on how you

want to feel 

and more...


Productivity Library


managing your calendar 

tackling your to do list 

creating good habits 

creating healthy boundaries

and more ...

Monthly masterclasses by experts in their field

Daily accountability to achieve what's most important to you

Member spotlights

Online member networking events

If you are still wondering if this is right for you...

Inspired Giving

One of the most exciting parts about this community is the idea that we add value with one another and $1 of every membership, every single month, is donated to a charity of our choice - voted on by the members in the community. 

Can You Imagine?

500 members

$500 a month to a charity

1,500 members

$1,500 a month to a charity

10,000 members

$10,000 a month to a charity

Jenna Edwards.jpg


I  am so honored to have been a part of the beta. You really have something special here. For anyone hesitant, trust - if you want to be motivated and get things done in your life, this is the group for you. I’ve already accomplished so much in large part to Katie’s motivation and curated content in the last month, it’s mind blowing. It’s worth so much more than the amount I would spend on a cup of coffee.



I love your spirit and I love encouraging other women too! You're mission is amazing.  You're amazing and each video you post your heart comes through.  Please keep sharing the positive goodness!



Katie is an amazing community builder.  She knows how to bring people together and inspire positivity.  She is the person who will say, ‘How can I help you reach that goal?’  And she will know the best tools to get there. This community captures all that she has to offer including great advice for how to hit your goals.

Start Creating Intentional Margins Today.

Join Our Community!

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