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Silver Linings

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Has someone ever told you to look at the silver lining? “Silver lining” is the pretty term used to describe when someone construes benefit from a trauma. Essentially, it is when you utilize an optimistic outlook at a negative event or change by finding some kind of value from that hardship. In her book The How of Happiness, Sonja Lyubomirsky explains that finding a silver lining is a healthy coping strategy that can significantly improve your happiness despite terrible things going on in your life. In her research, she found studies that showed people who found some sort of silver lining, from cancer patients to stroke victims, were reported to be “perfectly mentally healthy and well-adjusted.” Many people explained that these awful circumstances initiated them to have a wake-up call. It allowed them to reorder their priorities, build relationships, grow their character, and do other heartwarming actions. If people undergoing such challenging circumstances can find a silver lining and use it to improve their happiness, can’t we? The next time something “seemingly bad” happens to you, I encourage you to find the silver lining. Maybe you missed the bus, but that gave you five more minutes to appreciate the sunshine. Perhaps you lost your wallet, but that initiated a mall trip with your best friend. There are silver linings everywhere if you are willing to look for them!

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Inspired by this book, The How of Happiness

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