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Jump off the hamster wheel of to-dos and into the harmony you crave with the 5-step family meeting structure. 


Like a playbook for any team, the Family Meeting structure focuses families on their values, open communication, managing expectations and executive functioning skills.


This simple structure will transform your family from never-ending todos to harmony and structure.

This guide has examples and space to tailor a family meeting that is perfect for your unique needs.

You’ve opened your eyes.  Another day.  You are tempted to pull the covers over your head.  The kids need to get up for (virtual) school.  You are already feeling like you’ve lost the day and you haven’t even brushed your teeth. 


Ever feel that way? 

Ya, me too!  


That was until I created the simple FAMILY MEETING framework that turned an ordinary chaos filled day into a day with less friction and less overwhelm.     


Now, you might be saying, well, you don’t have a clue what I’ve got on my plate. 


And while yes, it’s true I don’t know you or what your responsibilities are, I do know people just like you.  People who are looking for a simple way to leverage their time and reduce the friction between the members in their household.  Whether that’s a spouse, little kids, big kids, grandparents.  How can we all get on the same page?  


Randomness causes overwhelm. 


Reducing randomness and managing expectations is the key to the 5 step framework for a successful FAMILY MEETING. 


This guide has examples and space to tailor make a family meeting that is perfect for your unique needs. 

No one wants to be stressed all day.  

No parent wants to be in friction with their kids all day.  


This can be adapted for any age.  The principles remain the same. 

Don't delay, get your playbook now. 

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Need More 

This 20 minute video will walk you through the steps to creating your personalized FAMILY MEETING plabook.

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