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Can you move from feeling hectic to harmonious?

The power of Katie’s keynote introduces a framework to identify your priorities, make connections with your to-do list, and see the (likely winding) path to personal harmony.   


Whether you are: 


  • A mompreneur juggling all-the-things 

  • An executive investing in your workforce’s life balance, or 

  • An inquisitive learner striving to find the time to do the things that matter most to you


You will walk away with inspiration, clarity, and the tools to achieve more personal harmony in your days. 


"Katie left a lasting impact on me. It's amazing how one experience can set our mind on something that can change our entire life. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who had the audience in the palm of her hand." 

- Jenna Edwards, Film Producer & Entrepreneur

"Katie's can do positive approach to choices that couple mindset with science is EXTRAORDINARY and accessible for her audience. Sharing her optimism and how that allows her to interpret choices and our thoughts gave me clarity on the power of my own mindset."

- Dani Seltzer, CEO & owner of multiple businesses across several industries

Keynote Presentation

We are living in the hustle culture -- managing our to-dos and obligations is wearing us down. Creating space for our personal priorities is often an after-thought.  


Katie introduces her Intentional Margins® framework, allowing participants to walk away with the tools and confidence to make small changes with big impact.  This leads to more focused productivity at work and at home without the guilt of the overwhelming to-do list. 


Participants will: 


  • Identify areas where they can focus on what’s most important at work and at home  

  • Identify what harmony looks like for them

  • Achieve clarity around what balance and hustle means in today's busy society

Entrepreneurs reap the benefits of a more intentional and productive day. 


Executives reap the benefits of a happier and more productive workforce.  


Employees reap the benefits of being equipped with the tools to win at work and at home. 


Everyone goes home without the guilt of the overwhelming to-do list looming.

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