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What's Your Money Mentality?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Money Mentality

​Imagine one trip to the grocery store changing your entire perspective about money forever – that’s what happened to me!  

It wasn’t until years later, I realized as women, we tie so much of our self-worth to our net worth -- when most men don’t.  

Through my story, I share the tests that challenged my belief about money, security, and self-worth.   

My hope is that together, as women, we can start talking about money and building a collective voice of financial worthiness.  

Get the Guide to Find Out Your Money Mentality

Are you “successful" but desperately trying to uplevel your business? Are you “doing” all the things and still feel like you are spinning your wheels?  Are you frustrated you don’t have the time freedom you desire? The hustle can be a total grind. I get it.  What if your limiting beliefs about money were actually holding you back? 

Download Katie’s four-step guide walking you through the self-awareness prompts to uncover what limiting beliefs are blocking your flow of wealth. Click here download.

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