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Utilizing Escapism for Happiness

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

How often do you find yourself sucked into a good book, a fascinating movie, an engaging video game, or any other alternative reality from your own? There is a reason why feel-good shows, movies, and books are so incredibly popular; they allow you to escape from reality.

We all want a happy ending and a perfect world where everything turns out great, even with some kind of plot twist challenge. Rom Coms and other trending films feature a protagonist who is rewarded with good luck, a solvable problem, and some sort of pleasing end to the story where they live happily ever after. While it may only last an hour and a half, an escape from reality isn’t a bad thing.

While some may argue that not confronting the problems of your own life to be foolish, I have found that a brief respite may be all you need to process and achieve clarity. Sometimes it is necessary to give our brains a break from the constant pressures of life.

A movie, book, video game, or even just fantasy of the mind can give you giggles, joy, and maybe even a hint of perspective. Taking a step back, letting the mind chew on a problem in the background while you actively engage in something unpressured and entertaining, may solve your problem.

Now, I want to note that there is a big difference between escapism and avoidance. Briefly escaping reality is fine, as long as you come back to the problem at hand. However, avoiding or procrastinating on an issue for days, weeks, or years on end is not okay. We must all face reality eventually.

Do you need to spark a little joy in your life? Remember, kindness is contagious. Doing something kind for someone else may be the alternate reality you need to boost your happiness and solve a problem. Give it a shot!

Plus, I'm curious as to what your favorite escape from reality is. Please share with me your favorite method! If it is a movie or book, tell me the title too!

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