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Skincare & Entrepreneurship

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Why Network Marketing


WHY NOT?  Maybe that is the question we should be asking ourselves.   I go back and forth from a “hard numbers” kinda girl to a “what makes my heart happy” kinda girl.   It’s a struggle… or at least I thought it was.  And then, I decided to research network marketing, from the angle of:

“Can I be a lawyer and feel comfortable and confident telling people I have a successful network marketing business?”

I knew I could make money. Now my husband and I are able to diversify our income stream (that’s HUGE ) and take advantage of some home-business tax-breaks that have really helped my business grow and prosper.

I’ve been through all of those emotions, I promise you!  And if you wonder how I can say that with a straight-face, we should chat. 

4 Things to Consider


Are you thinking about starting a virtual franchise, or joining an established network marketing company? 

Are you crazy excited when you think about owning a turn-key home-based business, being a CEO of that business, and starting your journey as an empire builder?

I read an article recently that identified how to choose a good company, and I thought it was so insightful - and simple. 

1. The People 

2. The Product 

3. The Timing 

4.  The Payment Plan.

Consistency Beats One-Time Detox

Juice diets and detox cleanses may work wonders for the digestive system, but these quickie fads will never be a shortcut to gorgeous, healthy skin.

Like genetics, lifestyle also plays a role in aging our skin, and studies warn that exposure to pollution and toxins can make you look less than youthful. It’s far better to embrace a daily, consistent approach to skin cleansing rather than a drastic detox.

Always wash your face before bed (no exceptions). By treating your skin with care each day, you’ll see real results that a beauty fad can’t ever replicate.

Learn more by getting a free online skin consultation.

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