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Discussing Cherophobia

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Have you heard of cherophobia? The term "chero" comes from the Greek, meaning "to rejoice." Therefore, cherophobia is the fear or irrational aversion to being happy to participate in events that would be characterized as “fun.”

Now, you may be thinking, where are you going with this, Katie. Hold on; I am getting to it. I am a big believer in gaining knowledge about this amazing world and the inner workings of our brains. However, there isn’t much data on Cherophobia so far.

Medical experts who have investigated this condition classify it as an anxiety disorder, but it can be hard to diagnose. Here are a few examples of the symptoms reported by Healthline.

  • “experiencing anxiety at the thought of going to a joyful social gathering, like a party, concert, or other similar events

  • rejecting opportunities that could lead to positive life changes due to fear that something bad will follow

  • refusal to participate in activities that most would call fun”

Positive Psychology also notes that some may experience cherophobia because they believe being happy makes you a worse person or that sharing your happiness could cause feelings of envy, guilt, or discord with others.

Are any of these feelings ringing a bell? If so, I highly recommend speaking with a licensed psychologist about this; don’t simply self-diagnosis! Fortunately, there are ways to combat this fear, whether it is a phobia or just a habit. Some remedies include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, happiness routines, and more!

As humans, we all have challenges to face and overcome. Being aware is the first step; taking action comes next. I believe in you!

Plus, remember that giving kindness can boost your own happiness. Start the chain of happiness today by performing a random act of kindness, like holding open the door for someone or sending a kindness card!

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