Take back control of the chaos and finally feel relief from the stress and overwhelm - without the guilt. 


A Fulfilling Life Doesn't Happen

By Accident, It's Created By You.

  • Do you ever feel like a bad mom? Maybe you wish you were more present with your kids, but by the time you sit down with them, all you want to do is sleep or watch Netflix. 

  • Do you feel think “I should be doing (insert something on your todo list)”, leaving you with a guilty feeling that you aren’t doing enough or that it’s unacceptable for you to take time for yourself. 

  • Do you ever feel you don’t have time for the things that matter most to you? Let’s be real here… the things that matter most should get the most time from you! 

  • Do you know there’s more to life, but you can’t see through the hustle, exhaustion, and survival mode? Maybe you think once something happens (the kids grow up, you get that promotion at work, etc.) you will finally have room to breathe and relax. 

What if you could change all that now?

A fulfilling life doesn’t happen by accident


There's a better way..

Listen,  I get you. You want to feel accomplished, like you did something with your day. But maybe success doesn’t look like items crossed off your to do list. Feeling successful and accomplished is awesome, but not at the expense of enjoying your life. 


I know you don’t have the time and you certainly don’t want one more thing to do…  girlfriend, same here. But here’s what I believe: 


I believe you deserve to make time for your priorities (yes, that includes yourself) without feeling guilty. 


You might be thinking that’s impossible, but it’s not. 


You have everybody demanding your attention and balancing family, work, all-the-things feels like a constant juggling act. Girlfriend, we aren’t in a circus. 


That’s why I created the Intentional Margins® Community. 


Because we all deserve to live a life we enjoy. A life free from chaos, stress, and overwhelm. A life we look forward to (almost) everyday. 


This community helps you move from feeling hectic to harmonious.

It's time to take a deep breath and create the life you deserve.

This community is FILLED with women just like you!



Do you want to spend the next five years like you spent the last five? 


How many moments with people you care about are you going to miss because you’re distracted by your todo list (or your phone)?


How is living in survival mode affecting you and your loved ones? 


If one of these questions felt a little like a gut punch, you’re in the right place.

The Magic Happens in these 4 Pillars...


You’ll feel a huge weight lift off your shoulders as you go from feeling exhausted and like a failure to feeling inspired and taking care of yourself (without feeling guilty). Don’t worry, we show you how.


One of the huge pieces we as humans miss out on is connection. I’m talking friendships and relationships with loved ones. You might think you don’t have time, but that’s where this community comes in.


Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? This is how you do it. You’ll go from feeling stuck in the never ending todo list to finally feeling like you have room to breathe (and achieve your goals).


When you live your life based on your purpose and priorities, EVERYTHING changes. You’ll go from surviving to feeling fulfilled and excited. You’ll get the clarity you need (no more fog here!) so you can spend more time on the things that light your hair on fire. 

Here's What's In It For You...

This is not a one size fits all approach. We work together to help you create the journey YOU need to create a fulfilling life (minus the chaos, stress, and guilt.)

Monthly masterclasses by experts in their fields so you get what you need to keep moving forward


Daily accountability so you can achieve what’s most important to you. We all need some accountability to keep making progress.


Curated  TED Talk & productivity libraries so you can find exactly what you need to conquer any roadblock in your way.


The support you need when life feels overwhelming and stressful. (In other words, get the loving, gentle kick in the pants you need when life throws you some lemons!) You don’t have to go it alone… in fact, you’re not meant to!


We Donate to a Charity of Your Choice

One of the most exciting parts about this community is the idea that we add value with one another and $1 of every membership, every single month, is donated to a charity of choice - nominated and voted on by the members in the community. 

Can You Imagine?

500 members

$500 a month to a charity

1,500 members

$1,500 a month to a charity

10,000 members

$10,000 a month to a charity

I dreamt of days when playing with the kids was "enough" for me.  That guilt is heavy.  

The ambition I thought I left behind when I quit practicing law to raise my kids didn't go away.  In fact, it stirred inside me.  

I spent the better half of a decade searching for clarity. 

I created a filter to see all of the todo's and responsibilities through a new lens, and I finally had hope again.  Now, I'm sharing it with you. 

This community was created for you to connect with other high-achieving women who know when you're ambitious you need a space to take a breath and hone in on your priorities.


This is a space where your goals are supported with curated mind-fueling content, supportive people who understand what it takes to go after your big dreams and daily reminders to focus on your goals. This community is unlike any other community and it was created with you in mind.​


Vous vous demandez comment nous avons réduit le sucre sans diminuer le goût ? Tout simplement en remplaçant le sucre blanc par des ingrédients qui ont naturellement un index glycémique faible comme le sirop d’agave, le sucre de coco ou le sucre de raisin. Ainsi, l’index glycémique est diminué et le goût préservé !


  • Nous n’utilisons que des ingrédients de qualité et non transformés
  • Nous privilégions les ingrédients d’origine Française
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  • Nos pâtisseries sont sans huile de palme et sans conservateur


L’équipe Oh Oui ! a à coeur de satisfaire les personnes soucieuses de leur santé et de leur ligne, ainsi que les personnes diabétiques. L’objectif de Oh Oui est de proposer des pâtisseries dont l’IG serait compris entre 25 et 35 ; à titre de comparaison, une pâtisserie classique présente un IG de 70. Pour avoir une mesure fiable des IG de nos recettes, l’équipe a soumis ses objectifs à l’Institut Pasteur de Lille. Dans un premier temps, des tests in Vitro réalisés dans un laboratoire agréé ont permis de qualifier les recettes. L’Institut Pasteur de Lille se prépare à réaliser les tests cliniques in Vivo : ils permettront d’apporter la garantie irréfutable de l’indice glycémique de chacun des produits proposés. Oh Oui ! travaille avec des ateliers partenaires certifiés IFS pour réaliser ses pâtisseries, afin d’assurer une rigueur dans la production et une fiabilité de l’indice glycémique contrôlé.


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